Language services

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The language services offered by are the following:

– Translation
– Interpretation
– Proofreading
– Subtitling & Dubbing
– Documents OCR
– DTP & documents formatting


Although translation might seem like a simple conversion of the content of a document or of a media from one language to another, it is actually a much more complex process. An accurate translation of a document requires: content analysis, finding the terminology, quality assurance with correction and proofreading of texts, finalization of versions, establishment of translation rules and standardization of the procedures for the updates of future versions. The task of creating, formatting and updating versions of documents in various languages​​, as well as their communication to different departments, business units and countries, is complex. Consequently, the choice of suitable partners is the most important action for the successful completion and delivery of a well translated text.

Based on the above, provides:

  • Translations in a specific deadline
  • Guaranteed quality results
  • Management of the translation projects in accordance with the working structure of and the clients’ requirements
  • Flexibility in every phase of the translation projects, from the preliminary stage to the verification before the delivery
  • Constant contact with the client with the possibility of a monitoring of each phase of the project

Refer to the page “Translation” and its emerging options for more details about each translation category.


The continuous information on developments in the field of interpretation and international business allows the collaboration with the best professional interpreters and ensures excellent language skills. The experience of in the field of interpretation and the understanding of the importance of multilingual communication ensures the success of every transaction with the provision of professional quality services. Our skilled interpreters are selected based on their working languages​ their​, language skills and their scientific background. Their extensive experience is the foundation of the excellent quality services we provide. offers services of simultaneous (booth), consecutive, whispering or telephone interpretations at conferences, business meetings, etc., covering your every need, professional or personal.

The language quality services in the field of interpretation ensure:

  • Interpretation services of all types
  • Qualitative selection of interpreters
  • Skilled network of‘s collaborators in any field
  • Professional commitment, reliability and confidentiality

Refer to the page “Interpretation” for more details about each interpretation type.