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The process of proofreading a text follows the translation and is a completely different process, which involves distinct stages. Initially, during the correctionany spelling, grammatical or syntactical errors are eliminated, as well as errors regarding the use of punctuation. During the proofreading/revision, the semantic coherence, the conceptual consistency and succession and the expression accuracy of the text are examined. Furthermore, if needed, ​​changes are made to the structure and formatting of the text and titles, headers or footnotes, paragraphs, sections, etc. are added.

The purpose of this work is that the final text expresses and fully serves the objective of the author, always in conjunction with the target audience. We undertake the proofreading of:

  • Dissertations and theses
  • Studies
  • Articles
  • Announcements
  • Speeches
  • Books

The team of possesses the appropriate expertise and linguistic backgrounds in order to meet the requirements of each project and produce a comprehensive integrated final result.