Subtitling & transcription

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The import and adaptation of subtitles on the screen (for television or film) is essentially a distinguishable specialization field that requires relevant academic skills. The good knowledge of the language to be translated is not sufficient; additional knowledge, experience and acute criterion are required as, apart from the good semantic rendition, other parameters should be measured, such as the adjustment, timing, technical editing, etc.

Subtitles have a dual role: on one hand, they contribute to the understanding of the meaning and therefore need to roll quickly so that they do not distract the viewer’s eye from the image. This is precisely what gives them their second role as an integral part of the projected spectacle – they must follow the aesthetics of the latter and integrate smoothly thereof. In addition, a different approach is required when subtitling films and television shows and a different one when subtitling documentaries, while specific knowledge is necessary when subtitling programs for people with special needs.


A transcription is a process of registering into text what is said on a taped or filmed conversation or, in other words, the registration of recorded conversations or discussions into a text form with the faithful formulation of the oral language.

We undertake all kinds of transcriptions assuring that the transcription is accurate and true to the original, so that the final text is coherent, precise and legible. We also translate the files of the transcription to another language and/or edit them. For instance, we offer transcription services of political speeches, presentations, lectures, seminars, medical files, testimonies, hearing procedures, etc.

In summary, in collaboration with specialized translators and subtitlers, we undertake:

  • Subtitling of films and TV shows
  • Subtitling of documentaries
  • Subtitling of commercials
  • Translation of subtitles for people with hearing impairments
  • Translation and adaptation of scripts of foreign language programs
  • Transcriptions of recorded sound material, in any format (CD, DVD, mp3 file, USB flash, etc.)

The team of possesses the appropriate expertise and linguistic backgrounds in order to meet the requirements of each project and produce a comprehensive integrated final result.