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We translate a wide range of different document types:

  • Legal documents: contracts, agreements, certificates, legal texts EU, statutes, intellectual property rights, patents, etc.
  • Financial documents: annual reports, accounting reports, industry forecasts, monetary policy reports, audits, financial statements, etc.
  • Technical documents: technical manuals, training and maintenance manuals, technical bulletins, diagnostics brochures, safety manuals, user manuals, product catalogs, product certificates, standards & specification sheets, operating and procedures manuals, etc.
  • Public and private documents (degrees, certificates, etc.): diplomas, CVs, certificates of all kinds, judgments, etc.
  • Websites: Internet sites on sectors of the economy, trade, tourism, energy and environment, investment, health, IT, catering, clothing / footwear, sports and leisure, services, etc.
  • Medical documents: data from clinical studies, clinical trials, drug approvals, development of medicinal products records, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, labeling and packaging of medicines, medical information for patients and physicians, patient instruction sheets (PIS), test procedures, patient information leaflets (PIL), packagings, labeling, security reports, etc.
  • Commercial, business and tourist documents: marketing communication material, corporate communication material, press releases, public relations material, etc.
  • Documents of speeches and proceedings: proceedings, conference speeches, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.
  • Literature and philological documents: books, articles, plays, educational material, history, art, psychology, etc.

Refer to the emerging options of the page for more details about each translation category.